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Saddles are indeed an essential if you want to practice horse riding. Obviously if you ride in an equestrian center to live your passion and learn to ride a horse for one day to have your own companion, equestrian clubs provide all the essential equipment to keep busy and to ride a horse. As for your outfit, you will only need a bomb, riding pants with very different prices, and finally boots or boots with chaps. If the rider's equipment is not very expensive if you take the first price, conversely the horse equipment can be very expensive even if you only take the first price. Indeed, a horse net will already cost at the bare minimum around 30 euros, and for the saddle you will not find below 150 euros, and in addition at this price the saddle will be in syntethics and not in leather . So if you have just bought your very first horse, you do not necessarily have the means to put 2,000 euros in saddles, which is understandable. On the other hand, with the importance of the saddle for a horse, you should orient yourself on high-quality second-hand models. Indeed, having a high-end saddle necessarily will allow you to keep your saddle longer, to have a better position on horseback and to keep the good effects that the fine used saddles give to the horse. If the saddle is adapted to his back, it will not widen, will also never be hampered in his movements because of the saddle and you will have a horse with a back in good shape that will never hurt. This is why it is interesting to buy a saddle of extremely good quality at a reduced price because it has already been used a few years before you.

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