Best way to discover a seaside

The sea is so vast that we would all know what it hides. Well, it's a world that immerses you in an unequivocal adventure. The best way to discover the sea is this lovely getaway boat.

A practice in vogue right now

People can get tired of the city and its pollution, and prefers to find some peace and quiet on the water, well yes, the sea has everything to offer. There are many countries that have formed over the water in Europe. We can do this escape Corsica, Ibiza, Greece, Thailand, Caribbean, French Riviera, and everything is on display, but the closer it is the Seine. The latter proposes a 5-day cruise with a very comfortable cabin on a barge. In conventional cruises, the concept is simple: the boat connects daily destinations, anchored morning in a port and resumes his late afternoon or evening drive to the next destination. There are islands that are not accessible by conventional boat, but only by ferry, as Easter Island, and this is a good place to do some kayaking. You now have for a boat trip guide.

The trip to the islands

Ferries operate between the mainland and some islands from several Mediterranean ports. A good formula for those who are afraid of flying. All the islands have hidden treasures, but to fully exploit the sea, but nothing beats this beautiful visit to the islands of Greece. You can book tours at a travel agency, but if you go out of season, that is to say outside of the summer holidays, why not organize your own trip. You can decide on the day of your next destination or extend lazing on an island. Fly to Athens or Greek island, then go into a port to board the boat or the ferry of your choice. For rent in Yacht or sailboat, Croatia is the most profitable with its 1,000 islands in the Dalmatian.

So, pack up your suitcase and go to the discovery of the sea, because there are options as to the purposes.

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