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We are often looking for a saddle and unless we know it very well, we do not know that they are the best stools in the material used or manufacturing. Recognized for their quality the French saddles have nothing more to prove and have everything to suit you. Many settings you do not necessarily see at first make the difference when you choose a French saddle, and it goes without saying that already the fact that they use top quality materials is already a point. Many years of experience alongside very high level riders and horses across all disciplines mean that the French have a very important knowledge on the influence of the design of the saddles on the movement of the horses and their performance, as positively as negatively. .Our site offers a wide range of french used saddles at the best price.

French brands are very good

If you have to take an account a factor for the choice of this saddle, it is the skill of the saddler, the French brands are among the best in the world. The French saddle is made of synthetic or soft leather, for an extremely comfortable ride. The flaps are regular and slightly forward in positioning. We offer you latest used saddles to the top of the range and French manufacture but also of ancillary equipment

French quality

As a result, the French brands are the best and are determined above all on: The quality of the materials chosen, The quality of the work, namely assemblies, seams, finishes, in terms of solidity, aesthetics, adaptability in time, the state of mind of the saddler, work by hand or not (the first is always better than machine work, always, and it is observed every day on the grounds of competition and training), the philosophy of work (adaptation to the horseman, ability to get out of what he usually does, etc.), contact with the saddler the commercial, open-mindedness, etc. ..

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