Our selection of perfectly restored saddles in top condition

Horseback riding is an activity classified as sporting, and is accessible to everyone, of all ages. However, to perfect your riding sessions and to get out of it unharmed, it is necessary for everyone to bring the required equipment, to avoid any problem, both for themselves and for the animal.

The essential accessories for horse riding

There are many accessories to consider before getting on a horse's back and starting your race or ride, both for the horse and the rider. As for horse equipment, it is already necessary to start by regularly checking the condition of the horse's hoof, and replacing it when the need arises, for the good of the horse. Then, it is necessary to provide him with useful accessories so that the rider can correctly mount it, noting the rods, straps, mats and others. But above all, consider the choice of your saddle, since it is the most essential equipment for riding. As far as the rider is concerned, apart from the helmet, which is essential, the rest is only a complement.

Choose your riding saddle

When it comes to choosing your saddle, you should already start by determining the type of activity to be performed, knowing that each discipline requires a specific type of saddle to perfect itself. However, when replacing your saddle, it is important for everyone to look at the cwd used saddles these days. This allows everyone to enjoy a wide range of restored saddle choices, in perfect condition, and which are just waiting to be appreciated to be used again, and please everyone. And for this reason, we offer everyone a wide list of restored saddles on this site at the moment, so as to help everyone to easily find the type of saddle that suits both his activity and his horse.

Choosing a riding saddle is always a delicate action, because following a mistake in choice, it can have serious consequences on the horse, starting with an unsustainable back pain.

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