The experts in used and restored saddles

There are many points that you have to observe when you buy a saddle for your horse. Take care about kind of activities that you do with your horse, your size and the age of the horse. But the very important one is about the quality of the saddle.

The different saddle available on the marketplace

There are many kinds of saddle, but in the beginning, you have to choose the mixed one. No need to complicate things because the goal is to make a better relationship between you and your horse. But anyway you have to verify if this kind of saddles own to your horse and for you too.

Saddles for you

Verify if the seat is fabricating with a sparkling material. You will be better on it with you don’t feel hurt anywhere and not moved to the left and right and not stabilized at all. The holes are important especially if you have bought a used saddles, this will not have a failure yet and in his right finishing yet. The vandals with the cleats on his back treat out your feet, it depends of your discipline but it’s better to have this great choice. The padding that made of the saddles will throw the horses must be in his better quality.

Saddle for horse

You have to test on a horse before paying it and verify the right size of your horse. Don’t put any carpet but in a nude back and test the saddle. Verify if the garrote is in his high level by introducing your hands inside it, on the top and on the back side. Do the same thing inside the webbing and if your hand pass with any problem, because the saddle is not fixed on the skin this saddle will be better. So there are new saddles that you may have a difficulty to tame it, but it depend of his marks too. Antares, Hermes, Decathlon are a French signature that own every kind of saddles. There are also the bargains one that is for those which restore the used one.

The expert advice the French one, even if it is used and restored. The reason is that France is the very best fabrics of equitation equipment because they works step by step with many hands, and it is a passion for them.

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