You don't need a brand new stool to be a good rider

Every good rider should be able to ride on horseback, whether left or right, with or without mounting and without the horse anticipating or moving his feet before the request of the rider. Horse riding equipment must be in keeping with the needs of the horse and rider. So, even if it is to bring used saddles, the important thing is that they are comfortable and suitable for horses.

Being comfortable on the climb

Many of you will answer that riding a horse is knowing how to master the horse you ride, and hold on well. That is to say, to jump well, to train well, to remain in saddle when the horse expresses its joy or tries to unmount you. It is therefore to have a good plate and know how to use your legs and hands.

Many horses move to the mount. The cause may be their lack of warm-up beforehand, but also the lack of delicacy of the rider. The horses then end up dreading this moment and try to avoid it by moving away from the rider, or moving forward.

However a good rider finds a certain panache to ride "on the move": it highlights the agility! By being flexible and skillful, the rider can diresctement make a jump and position on the saddle. It will thus avoid putting pressure on the horse during the climb, but also, it is a fast and efficient way.

Thus, the rider stands at the height of the left shoulder of the horse, in the direction of walking or facing the rump. The whole thing is to rise without inflicting too much jerk on the horse's back. the left hand holds the two reins slightly tense, so as to grip the pommel or a handful of horsehairs, without pulling on the horse's mouth.

To conclude, a good rider can ride a horse without using a mount. Thanks to its flexibility and agility, it can easily be placed on the saddle. Comfort will be at the rendezvous not only at home but especially at his steed.

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